Saturday, September 30, 2006

Section Parties

As this is the last core term and every section is going to get dissolved after this term, sections are busy in partying, going for some outings etc. Our section had two outings till now in this term. We all went to "Lageraho Munnabhai" movie and recently went to another outing. Unfortunately I missed both of them due to some reasons. We also celebrated formals day (Everyone in the section came in formals with proper business suit and other required accessories) and traditional day (Guys in proper traditional attire, gals in sarees and Chudidhars) in this term.

Today we all celebrated Dandiya Raas playing Dandiya till 2 Am That was really fun. Almost everyone of us played Dandiya. I never played Dandiya till today. First time in my life I played Dandiya and I really enjoyed it.

Just 5 days left for our End term exams. This time all are faff subjects. Guess what! I am planning to take Fin major. Credit goes to Professor Ramana Sonti. He is our current prof who is teaching Investment Analysis in this term.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Like puzzles

Do you like puzzles? Here is an interesting link for you then.

One of my friend has forwarded this link.
I took 17 minutes to hack this. Got strucked for 4 minutes at stupid 'ojofuffo'. Ofcourse this puzzle is not really that tough. I am sure one can finish this in around 10 minutes. Will post all answers after a while. Till then enjoy this.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Term 4 (sep 4th-Oct 6th)

Our last core term (Term4) started yesterday. As usual we have four subjects in this term and the subjects are:-

1. Investment analysis (INVA)
2. Government, Society and Business (GSB)
3. Management of organizations (MGTO)
4. Strategic analysis of Information technology (SAIT)

Except Investment anaysis rest three are qualitative subjects. Learning wise we will learn a lot in a very much broader view in this term. Though not much work in an academic point of view, we need to work harder for other things like ELP (Experiential Learning Program), PAEV (Planning an Enterpreneurial Venture), LDP (Leadership development program), Problem solving skills workshop (conducted by Mckinsey) , finance workshops etc etc. Every minute is valuable. Also in the last week of this term, we may need to bid for fifth term subjects.

This term is squeezed into 5 weeks rather than regular 6 weeks term. Looks some companies may come in mid october for placements too. But no concrete data available about that. Resume workshops, General sessions by CEO's (which are biased as preplacement talks) are starting in a much faster pace. Hope I handle all these without any stress. Let the force be with me.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back after a long break

After a long time here am back to blogging. We finished our term3 and currently enjoying the term3 break with some ELP (Experiential Learning program) project stuff. I still haven't decided whether to take major in finance or not. Few alumni said that in their batch most of the people dropped their idea of specializing in finance after doing investment analysis subject in term4. Looks that is pretty tough. Our term4 is going to start from coming monday. The other 3 subjects we are gonna have this term is kind of qualitative stuff. I decided to keep my total effort in Investment analysis. If I can understand the concepts well and if I can score better in Investment analysis then for sure I will take Finance as my major. Otherwise I will just give up and balance my portfolio with some Leadership and change management and Enterpreneurship subjects.

Today we had a project (ELP) kickoff meeting. When we are discussing about the scope of the project with the CEO, he mentioned a lot of terms which we learnt all these days in our MBA. I am sure this project will help us in applying our MBA learnings and it will also enhance our skill base. We prepared project plan and discussed few things like how to go about it and other related stuff. We are supposed to finish the project by December-23rd. Hope we do our best in the project.

By the way I forgot to mention. I got scholarship very recently. When I shared this news with my dad he was very happy and I could see his happiness in his eyes very clearly. It is a real great feeling to see your parents feel great about you. I can give up anything in my life to see my dad in such a way. I know how I am brought up. Never in my life I can forget my roots.