Saturday, October 28, 2006

Most Uncommon Commonality

I always used to regret about few things like I could have done/learnt so many things in my childhood etc. But ofcourse being born and brought up in a small town I was not exposed to many things. And the few chances I got, not knowing the importance of extracurriculars I didn't get much into that. But after seeing certain people in ISB I feel really great or rather proud about certain things.

I have seen few people over here who don't have the most basic quality 'common sense'. They dont care about their behaviour, the way they talk to others etc etc. Among the few I noticed I felt very very annoyed about one person's behaviour. Ofcourse he didn't do any harm to me or he didn't say anything to me. It so happened that we as a group were listening to his presentation. Suddenly for one of the questions posed he indirectly addressed everyone as stupids (As if he is a dean lister). I am in the verge of saying "Mind your language". Then thought, who cares about this idiot's behaviour and left as such. I am in no way working along with him. But if I happen to listen the similar thing again, I am sure that I am going to SERIOUSLY WARN this idiot. What the hell he thinks about himself. I don't know how these people worked in their previous organizations. God bless him.

What if I face the same kind of person in my team in any company? I would have forgiven him may be for the first time and second time with a small warning and third time with a serious warning and there after ..........FIRE HIM(ofcourse provided I have that authority:-D). What if my boss is so???? God knows what I will do. When I said this incident to my friend, she was saying that "common sense is the most uncommon thing" in the people. Hmm Looks that's true.

God bless these kind of people to realize their stupidity atleast.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SAIT Tragedy

Officially we finished 50% of our MBA after giving SAIT (Strategic analysis of Information technology) exam (term4 subject) today.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances this exam got postponed just 8 hrs before exam. That was a big tragedy. Most of the students spent a whole day preparing for this SAIT leaving very few hours to prepare for other subject, which was very very tough. (we will have 2 exams per day). This sudden postponement of exam has created a lot of hue and cry in the campus. And today morning 8:30... its SAIT exam time. We were given the papers sharp at 8:30AM. Just after a minute one student in the exam hall shouted "Arey some papers were missing in the question paper, Postpone the exam":-D. This was another tragedy. Half of the questions were missing in almost everyone's paper. Now whom to blame. We were to wait for half an hour in the exam hall for the remaining part of the paper...

SAIT exam actually got postponed because of unavailability of textbooks from which we are supposed to read the cases. But in the exam I hardly found any questions from the cases. Strange!!!! This tragedy led to an open meeting with the entire student body for letting all the students know the reasons behind the postponement and person(s) behind this. No wonder if this meeting lead to impeachment of any elected student body.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Honour code violation:-D

This is a revolutionary movie about a group of students who rise against the system. The means they used to achieve the goal will always be questioned. But not their motive.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last day with the core section

Yesterday was the last day with our core section and core study groups. We all had a very nice time for the past 6 months. Its very tough to believe that almost 6 months has passed. We had a section T-shirt day yesterday. Here you can see couple of snaps of our section.

Bidding process is finished for 5th term. I could get all the subjects which I bidded for. I took 3 finance subjects and one IT subject for term5. I am sure workload will be high in term5, which is starting on 16th of october.

In another two days we are gonna be 50% MBA's. Two days??? Yes, its end term exams time. Chalo backto studies:-(