Monday, November 27, 2006

Been a long time

It had been a long time since I visited this space. Before I wrote anything about term-5, it got over too. I didn't feel that much work load as I expected in term-5. But the only sad part was at the end of the term most of them were enjoying with just 1 or 2 end term exams where I ended up giving 4 end term exams.

Placement fever has already started in the campus. Few international companies started visiting. I too had my first interview in the campus. And for some companies, people started cribbing about the short lists. Somehow I hate cribbing or complaining about others. No one has any right to say/ask that why a particular guy or girl got short listed. Very funny!!! Why the hell should they crib about others. Rather than cribbing about others, why don't think what can be done to their resume to make more attractive.

From tomorrow term-6 is going to start. But I have a very bad start for this term. Unlike last time I got only 2 subjects this time. I don't really mind loosing for one of the bidded subjects. But if I don't get "Corporate control, Mergers and acquisitions" subject, this would be one thing I would regret about electives. Like an idiot I bidded very few points. Thats okey. Let me see what needs to be done. Chalo, catch you guys once I get all the 4 subjects. ciao