Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tough Gets going

Just today we got our midterms over. After writing exams almost every 15 days, today I didn't even feel like I gave my mid term exams. May be as it is said "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". We almost got habitutated to the pressures and these exams. In the core terms we will have only study group. With just one study group I have seen so many conflicts rising in the groups for whatsoever reason.

From 5th term we are gonna have electives. So we may have to form our own study group and the study group varies with each subject. And apart from that we will have another group for the ELP project. So per term we may have 5 study groups. I really can't think of that situation how we are gonna finish our assignments when there will be more than one assignment.

This week we have so many assignments and I have interview for ELP project too. One of my friend came from banglore for just 2 days. One friend is leaving hyderabad. One friend is going to US.Few mails to reply. Uff so many things to do. Can't even afford to go outside of the campus to meet my friends. Just 2 more weeks for this term to get over. My god! I really couldn't believe this. I am sure by the time I come out of this shock our term4 will get started.

Did this really need a click?

This looks really funny. No idea why this man want to take a photograph when their faces are hardly seen. Any Guesses?

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today we finished indicative bidding for the electives. I am in a major dilemma in selecting the specializations. I have three choices in which I need to pick 2. I am thinking about IT,Finance and Entrepreneurship. Considering the fact that I have around 3 years of experience looks it would be better if I select IT as one of my major. IT and finance combination will be good. But am I planning to shift to finance???No clue, but just keeping the option open about that as of now. I guess I may land up taking IT and finance. We need to take 6 subjects in one concentration if we have to specialize in it. In IT I could get only 4 interesting subjects. Need to analyse more. Even after analysing if I dont get the other 2, I am not going to take 2 extra IT subjects just for the heck of specialization.

After having a glance at all the subjects, I am getting a feel that ISB MBA is sort of Quant oriented. Apart from the subjects I should start working on other things like industry analysis, collecting information about companies and things like that. I just prepared some rough plan about this. Let me see if I can stick to that plan. Most people don't plan to fail. They fail to plan. Atleast I overcomed the first step.

I couldn't change my sleep cycle though we have morning classes this term. Just got habituated sleeping around 4AM. It is bit easier for me to get up by 7:45 or 8 AM than hitting the sack before 4AM. Till now managed to attend all classes. Anyways just 12 more days I should follow this morning schedule.

Ok chalo guys. Buenos noches Y Buen fin de semana.