Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hectic week

Last week was very very hectic with full load of assignments. I missed one class too as I overslept. Again from tuesday we are gonna be busy for another week. First 2 weeks was apparently free in this term. Fortunately I have only one end term. I pity on people who have their end term on Jan-1st. While all will be partying they have to sit and study on 31st night. But again, after giving this many exams no one will give any damn to exams ( ofcourse with few exceptions here and there).

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Best Friend's wedding

She is my best friend from my childhood. Studied in the same school, then same college. But then later, I moved on to do engineering where as she finished her degree. But yes, finally landed with same degree again. She did her MBA too. Just two days back she got married. Things are getting changed. Now I can't expect the same special treatment from her. Her preferences will be changed for sure. She will become busy with her own responsibilities.

Anyways I wish you a happy married life dear.

Monday, December 11, 2006

“Search” wars continue

Today we had the Google PPT for Hyderabad based jobs. I just can’t stop appreciating Google for their innovative capability. Google is known for its innovations. I am sure there will be a huge debate about this if I start discussing about this. Some say Google just got its brand image so. Some say that’s true. Well.. I am not here to say what truth is. It’s just that perspectives are different.

I like Google for many reasons. One of the reasons may be because it challenged the big giant Microsoft. It’s not an easy thing. MSN currently trails yahoo and Google in the lucrative areas of online search. Microsoft had to get some hundreds of millions of users to use its web search services. The real problem with Microsoft is though they have a huge audience the engagement is very less. Somewhere I read that Microsoft gets about 450 million users a month. All that it needs to do is to increase the engagement of the existing users first. Similar to retailer’s strategy.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Term 6 has started last week. This time i have taken 2 finance subjects and 2 IT subjects. I couldn't get Mergers and acquisitions course for this term:-(. Just to compensate this i have taken another fin course "Investing in Private equity" which also has some part of mergers and acquisitions related stuff. And the other subject which i didn't get is "Financial statement analysis" for which i dont have any regret. Somehow I feel accounting is boring. I really didn't like the subject that much after the sampling. Looks there are lot of assignments this time compared to last term. But no mid terms and just one end term.

Hmm Just 2 terms ahead of D-week(placement week). Lot to be done for interview preparation. we formed into focus groups to discuss about the core term concepts, industry analysis, current affairs etc stuff. But prep hasn't been that concrete as of now. We had Mckinsey, A T kearney conducting some work shops regarding case interviews for last two days. The sessions were quite insightful.

Its the fifth anniversary celebration for ISB. Today we had ILS (ISB Leadership summit), the flagship event of the ISB, for which lot of eminent speakers were invited from different industries and had a great discussion about the main theme- The New India-Changing paradigms in Business Leadership. It was indeed a great show. Tomorrow we have some more events lined up from 3Pm to 10Pm.

Our Honourable Prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh is going to visit ISB for the inaugural ceremony of the Global logistics summit on 5th of this month. I am sure there will be lot of security in ISB and even we will be restricted to move around:-(. More on this later. ciao