Thursday, May 25, 2006

Only two lists

Today we got the Eco midterm marks. So many surprises, disappointments etc etc in the campus. Everyone started sharing their marks and comparing with others. Highest mark is 45 and lowest is 8. Mean is 24.2715 (yes 4 decimal accuracy) and median is 24. Even the standard deviation is given. It is 7.38484 (5 decimal accuracy).

People who got above 35 are 12% of the class. Might be the dean listers. What about the rest of the batch. Black listers!!! So if someone is not in the dean list(<35) then there is no difference between a guy who got 34 and who got 20. Is it so??? For now, I can't agree with this. May be not much difference between 34 and 30. But certainly there is a huge difference between 34 and 12 right??? Ofcourse MBA is not just getting a good CGPA. It is all about how well you are able to equip with the tools and frameworks and how well you can apply them in the real scenarios.

I don't want to reveal my marks to my parents and make them scared. I just pray god that they should not enquire my marks. Let me see if I can do better in my end term. Chalo anu padaaii karo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Split Personality!!!!

After giving the mid term exams, don't know what really happened to me. One of my friend is saying that i had split personality. When the mid term exams got over, everyone (excluding the muggu club members) is glad just because they are over and all started partying, enjoying,cribbing about Eco paper etc etc. I really don't know what happened to me. I just came back to room and seriously opened the accounting book and started reading. No No I am not a maggu club member. Might be the mid term repercussion. :-? And all of a sudden I started giving gyan to my friend it seems.

I will be more glad if the same split personality stay with me till this term get over. Hardly 13 days for term exams. I don't want to screw my end term exams. But anyways great lesson learnt from the mid term. Lot of assignments to be done this week, which are due by wednesday 8:45 Am. Ok chalo then back to work:-)

PS: BTW I changed my blog lil bit. I added some music also. I know this music is lil boring. But not getting time to collect some pleasant music. Once I get that I will update my blog. Now don't ask me where the heck you are getting time to update the blog :-D

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mid-Term Fever

Before everyone of us started thinking about the term1 start and its subjects, half of the term already got over. Coming friday we have the mid term exams. Fortunately/unfortunately we have mid term exams for only 2 subjects (Eco and stats). Now all the 422 students joined the maggu club and the membership holds good until this friday evening. Now we started thinking the impact of assignments. Yes,Assignments do help us.

Statistics looks confusing or may be i am feeling so. People who don't know anything about statistics looks relaxed. People who know everything about stats also looks relaxed. People (like me) who knows certain concepts are in deeper trouble trying to figure out how to calculate p-value, what is the use of t-statistic and z-statistic. We are trying to figure out what to write the cheat sheet even :-D

Economics is too much of quantitative stuff mainly calculus. But the concepts are interesting. It is an open book exam. But just think, given just 90 minutes time, where the hell you get time to open the book and search for a problem. Here again the problem is, the more examples we work out the more confident we feel. But how to define "more examples". How many problems one need to work out. We statisticians deals only with numbers. :-D

Exams are very common here at ISB. Just imagine one's life with full of pre-reads, post-reads, assignments, club meetings, group meetings, backlogs, mid-term exams, end-term exams, parties, hangovers and last but not the least ..filling the excel sheets:-D. And all this just within a year (Huh!).I am pretty sure that everyone of us enjoys every moment at ISB.

After learning too much of statistics, I just feel like defining the null hypothesis about myself. Yeah! U heard right! It's about me.

H0: Anu doesn't know statistics -Null ypothesis
Ha: Anu knows statistics well. -Alternate hypothesis

Will let you guys know whether to accept/reject the null hypothesis after the mid term exam.

PS: Cheat sheet is the A4 size paper which will be allowed to take with us in the exam. You can write anything under the sky in that paper.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

GSB elections & SPAM

I am not sure who will win in our GSB elections, but we poor souls are ending with so much of SPAM in the mail boxes.

The funny thing is someone sending a spam mail saying that please don't send spam :-) . Even after so much of spam I can show you atleast 20 people who even doesn't know the nominees. This tells how the guys are campaigning. Or to put in other words, those 20 ppl category doesn't care what is going on in the campus apart from the acads :-D. Might be muggu club members.
But the surprising thing is, so many people are making things complicated and unnecessary issues. I guess all this problems will be solved if the nominess themselves take care and start their effective campaigning.

The basic qualities what everyone expects from a GSB president is, he/she should be someone who is easily approachable. Since he/she will be representing the ISB student body, he/she should have the knack of getting things done, good conflict resolution skills, decision making skills etc etc. Just to say in a simpler words he/she should be a perfect leader. But in the short duration, how can we judge whether a particular person is so and so. Thats where we voters should develop good judgement skills. :-D. Hope this GSB elections will go smoothly without any conflicts (unlike the real time elections).

Coming to the academic front, as I said in my previous post, we have submitted the ECO assignment, just an hour back. In accounting Quiz most of us scored 83 out of 83. Cool!

Friday, May 12, 2006

So far So good

Two weeks already passed away in term1. Mid term exams are around and GSB elections are also around. By end of next week we might be giving farewell to some of our faculty who has come from wharton and columbia universities. This week fortunately we have only one assignment and one quiz. But the Eco assignment is tough compared to the previous one (atleast to me). I really get frightened by listening that some guys already finished their eco assignment. How the hell they could do so fast. Why am i not able to be in the same pace.

Typically most of our assignments start like this.

1. Download the PDF document from the blackboard on thursday night.
2. Have a glance at it.
3. Call up friends and enquire if they have started.
4. Chitchat with them in the intercom.
5. Gossip about all stupid stuff in the world
6. Check emails
7. Log on to Yahoo messenger to see if ne friends are online
8. As it is just thursday attending some party going on in one of the student village or ending up watching a DVD
9. Again call up friends and enquire how the assignment is (tough/easy)
10. Refresh the mailbox (If at all mailbox gets life, it will kick u for refreshing it that many times)
11. Turning the newspaper in and out.
12. Going to sleep early on thursday thinking of doing assignment on friday
13. Finally starting the assignment on friday evening/night
14. Asking about the assignment status to whomsoever you meet.
15. Attending the group meeting on saturday to finish the assignment.
16. Finally submitting the assignment on sunday night.

But there are really smart people whose smart way of doing the assignment is :

1. Download the PDF immediately after the class.
2. Start the assignment and end it by thursday night.
3. Attending the party in the Student village and cursing themselves for wasting time.
4. Heading towards LRC to work out more problems.

In out first Eco assignment, our group scored full marks. As the weightage of Eco assignment is taken as 100% (Best of the two) + 50% (other assignment), its a kind of relief to our group. But the pool over here is best of the best. So to be in line with them, we too need to struggle. ok chalo then let me finish the eco assignment by the end of the day atleast.

PS: GSB- Graduate Student Board. The student reps of this team will meet with the heads of the PGP team after every term and any issues will be taken to the PGP unit thru GSB.

Important info for prospective students:-Looks ISB is not considering GRE scores from this year.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Everyone looks very relaxed in the campus after submitting the marketing assignment on Jones Blair case. Here is just a snap which we took while we are submitting the hard copy of the assignment. Some groups finished this assignment much before. Might be they are too smart. I really can find four types of people here.

Type-1.. Hard working guys and will always lock themselves in the library or either in their rooms. Am sure these people wanted to get into the dean's list and wanted to crack the consulting jobs. God bless them.

Type-2... Smart enough, but keeps on boasting that they studied that, this and starts frightening others. These guys are really over confident and feels that as if they can crack nething under the sky. Who knows, these people may shift slowly to type-1 or type-2. They might be committing false positive or false negative error. They can only find out this if they are perfect in statistics.

Type-3.. These guys don't know what is happening around. confused types and will understand their potential only after term-1 results. Struggle hard to manage their time and think of doing everything, but ends with doing nothing. They just wait for weekend to come, so that they can finish all the backlogs. But weekend comes and goes increasing the qty of backlogs.

Type-4. Just trying to figure out themselves in whic type they can fit in. Thats me :-D

I think i should atleast learn from others. Chalo time to open Eco book.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


We had a party fund left over in the last hyd meet. We celebrated the birthday of K today with that fund. Poor fellow, got birthday bumps. Funny thing is he started shouting before getting the bumps. And he is more eager to get dunked. It seems he didn't even take the bath as he very well know that he will get dunked. :-D. After the cake cutting and all, we took him to the pool and dunked him. Even i got dunked today for the first time. Slowly we started dunking everyone nearby at the pool.

This dunking is one of the many things, which is carried away as a tradition from our alumns. Birthday guy/girl has to get dunked in the pool. And most of the times other poor souls like me also get dunked. But believe me guys, its really fun :-). Big party going on in our village. I was there for half an hour or so. I was soooo amazed by one of the guy's dance. He is standing in the same place, just moving his feet and dancing so good. I was really agaped.Damn! Now am feeling hungry. Hmmm. Managed to get some bread pieces roasted in butter. Hope it satiates my hunger. Newazzz am gonna get up late tomorrow. Lemme read the marketing case and then sleep. Economics assignment is almost done except the final decorations. Accounting tho hogaya and most of us got 60 out of 60. Yet to do the marketing assignment. I just read the first para. Will try to analyse it now. Oops its already 1:50. Never mind. Its never too late. Gudnite!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

First Official weekend

Haila! First weekend. Surprising thing is here weekend starts by thursday itself. But what is the use. Loads of work to do. Need to revise the last week's classes. When in the class, I feel like I understood everything. But when I try to recollect I could only see stars moving in my head.

Will try to finish atleast two assignments by friday night and will revise all the 4 subjects in the weekend. Managerial Economics questions are really funny and sounds interesting. We need to calculate the economic profit for sanjay leela bansali if he considers aiswarya rai in his new movie "Devdas Part II -- Terror in Bengal." Just wondering if sanjay leela bansali calculates the economic profit if he ever need to consider aiswarya in his movie :-D
Accounting mey i feel like it is all about how intelligently you balance the balance sheet. Ofcourse there is more than that. Just kidding.
Marketing is the class which is really interesting as we always discuss the real time cases. In fact the faculty makes the class more interesting by showing some videos in the class.
Statistics- Dunno exactly what is going on. I am totally in a baffled state. I need to work more on this subject this weekend.

Almost half of the ISB students can be seen outside the campus. As I stayed in hyderabad from past three years, visited all the famous sites and nothing much left to see in the city. But I can always accompany my friends ofcourse. Managed to get tickets for the movie "pink panther" for tomorrow's evening show at PVR.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Actual Roller coaster ride started

Term1 started from today. (Term1-> 1st May to 11th June). The subjects for term1 are as follows:-

1. Financial Accounting inDecision making-FADM
2. Marketing management=MKTG
3. Statistical methods for Management Decisions-SMMD
4. Managerial Economics-MGEC

We just have 2 classes per day (2hrs per class). But we have lot of pre-reads and post reads for each subject. The total schedule for term1 is given like number of assignmets to be done, deadlines for submitting the assignments etc.

Today we had acctng and Marketing classes. Day started with accounting class. Accounting class is not that interesting. Marketing class is very good as there was some case discussion about FedEx. Asim Ansari (Columbia Prof) is very good. Just to break the ice he started the class with a small joke.

An intelligent CEO of one company wanted to know about his staff and he slowly visits each department one by one.

First he visits the engineering department and asks " what is 2+2"? Then the immediate answer from the engineering dept was 4.000000. CEO feels Woww, 6 decimals. Perfect.

Then he moves to marketing department and asks the same question. Then he gets the answer "2+2 is 4. But if we make it to 3.99 then we can get more value". CEO gets impressed.

Then he moves to human resources team and asks the same question. He gets the answer "Sir, actually it is 4. but with good team work we can make it to 5".

Finally he moves to accouting department and poses the same question. U know what happened? Ne guesses?????

Ok Ok i will tell. Don't stretch. Accounting manager immediately closes the door and asks the CEO "Which number you want me to keep?" :-D :-D

While discussing the FedEx case, class participation is marvelous. Few of my section student's friends themseleves were working in FedEx and they have lot of inside data apart from the case. Ofcourse prof didn't allow the inside data, as we are supposed to go with the data provided.

After the case discussion, adverisement effects and all, we got to see the actual ads by FedEx. There was one hilarious ad by FedEx. You can check out that ad in the following link:

Yesterday someone was saying that the answer to FedEx case was 43!!!!! I just got shocked and ran into my quad and checked the book to verify whether i missed anything in my analysis. That was real shocking? How can anyone can come up with a solution for a case. Its a case, not the math problem to work out.

But after listening to two classes, what I could make out is-attending any class without pre-read is mere waste and in turn it will lead us to confusion. Hope I finish all the pre-reads before attending any class.

PS: Take the ad in a positive sense.