Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hectic week

Last week was very very hectic with full load of assignments. I missed one class too as I overslept. Again from tuesday we are gonna be busy for another week. First 2 weeks was apparently free in this term. Fortunately I have only one end term. I pity on people who have their end term on Jan-1st. While all will be partying they have to sit and study on 31st night. But again, after giving this many exams no one will give any damn to exams ( ofcourse with few exceptions here and there).


Suresh S said...

Happy new year in advance:) And yes the new modified template looks superb!!

Anu said...

Thanks for the wishes and I wish you the same Suresh:-)

Ramakrishna P said...

Very nice blog. Good information shared here.
~ Ramakrishna P

ankurindia said...

learn to enjoy exams

Anu said...

Ofcourse I do enjoy..Coz I like the great relief feeling one gets after giving the exams:-D