Thursday, February 08, 2007


Again back after long time. Just getting the momentum lost to post any updates in my blog. Term 7 started almost a month ago and in another few days it is about to finish too. I have just taken only three subjects this term (as if i need time to prepare for the interviews). With this term I finished my Fin Major. I have taken Negotiation Analysis in this term. Its really a fundoo subject. I enjoyed every class. Professor is damn good for this subject and you just should not miss his class. In one of the previous terms, as part of Negotiations topic (which was again dealt with the same professor-Dishan Kamdar) we watched a movie -12 Angry Men. As the name says, the movie just contains 12 characters. It is all about how one person can convince the rest of the angry and uninterested men. It is real tough if the other party is not at all interested in listening. Believe me Guys you'll enjoy watching this movie.

We have almost reached the most important phase of MBA...Placementsssss. Officially we will have one week for placements. Companies which ever want to participate in the placements will register and post the job details in the web portal and we should apply before the deadlines mentioned. Just before the Placement week shortlists will be anounced and then comes the D-week where in the shortlisted candidates gets interviewed. We can take max two offers and should accept/reject one offer. Students will bid the companies and based on the overall rank students assign to companies, companies should visit the campus. All the Top tier consulting companies like McKinsey will be coming on Day-0 and the rest based on the student bids. Hope everyone get good job and lets see what is there in the bag this time.

Term 8 will start from 26th of February. Guess though there is an official placement just continues till march. God! I need a good job


Suresh S said...

Hi anuradha, gr8 to read ur blogs after a long time:) All the best for ur placements.

Anu said...

Thankyou Suresh:-)

Anonymous said...


After a long time (almost 6 months) I am reading your blog. Good luck in placements and drop me e-mail when you have some news.

Suresh Anna from Jax

Rohit said...

Hello Anu ,
No Blogs from your side since a long time . Everything allright.


Anu said...

Yeah Rohit. Its just that I am trying to enjoy the last quarter at ISB to the maximum extent.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anu,

Please shed some light on
what kind of financial courses
ISB offers and in what terms
what is the course curriculum
and books, want to get some idea
if you have some time please
update with relevant details
thanks for your feedback

Anu said...

Why dont u mail me, so that i can reply you thru mail rather than in the blog. You can mail me at