Thursday, April 05, 2007

MBA eddddddddd

Visitin this space after a long long time again. I am very excited to say that another degree is added to my name. And in another two days the great awaited day is coming. I am not sure when I will be joining in my job as I am still waiting for the joining date details. But Most prolly it may be in the first week of may.

Days went real fast and i still remember the orientation week here at ISB. I feel as I am getting ready for the orientation week only to find that I am done with my MBA. Last one week was such a boring week. Absolutely no work. Just doing some crap, visiting friends, freakin out, trying to find some innovative ways to pass the time. But I should say that last 1 year was such a wonderful and memorable year in my life. I cherished every moment and every minute in this last one year. I am sure I remember this year for my rest of life.

I still remember how people tried to persuade me to not to join in ISB. Sometimes it is such a bad feeling when people try to use you for their own advantage. I did few mistakes after my engineering. The best lesson I learnt in my life is when you want to say NO for something say it. Otherwise you will regret later. After all its your life, no one will take responisbility for any bad that happens in your life. Forget past but dont forget the lessons you learnt from the past. There are still people who think that going abroad is such a great thing. Actually speaking its not a big deallllll. And another funny thing is looks like this time H1B's selection has become a random selection process. But the fact is DO I CARE....Another conscious decision which I took is not to join in small companies just for the heck of money. I am not ambitious about money but I am ambitious about my career.

I am satisfied with what I am right now and with what I have. Its just that I have to be careful in further choosing the career lane. I even want to do Phd but definitely not in near future. May be somewhere down the lane. Let's see how things goes later.


Jayan R Nair said...

has been following your blog for a long time for some updates..but could not find for luck in your future endeavours..

DS said...

Absolutely Correct..

- DS from Memphis, Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your MBA and New job, Please write about the
new job details , where and what
best of luck

Aditya Sarvjeet said...

Hey Anu

All the best for all your future endevors!!!

Aditya S. Bhalla

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any updates after this ...........